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who are we

Developed by 2 brothers adopting the creation of Kiwi ingenuity an idea was born. There had to be a better way of design, operating, installing and maintenance free for the good old Bi-Fold .. and there is!

At Bi-Fold Systems we have reinvented how internal Bi-Fold doors operate by simplifying everything about them, opening & shuting with ease. Comprising of 3 basic elements our system simplifies the mechanisms required to efficiently operate the Bi-Fold doors. Eliminates costly & non productive installation time, on going adjustments and guaranteed to last as long as normal door installations.

The system is supplied as a complete kit. Routed pre glued aluminium channel guide in the head, jambs, our Patent Pending Bi-Fold System hinges, normal hinges, guide wheel bracket and magnet doors closures, the system becomes a simple, aesthetically pleasing and functional end result.