Architects & Specifiers

Bi-Fold Systems™ have reinvented how internal Bi-Fold doors operate by simplifying everything about them. Comprising of 3 basic elements our system simplifies the mechanisms required to efficiently operate the new Bi Fold doors.

We undertook over 2 years extensive research and development into understanding the performance and patent applications of the system. The Bi Fold hinge eliminates 70% of the existing Bi Fold door systems hardware...simplicity.

A custom made channel pre glued and rebated into the head allowed for alignment of all door architraves to be a consistent height throughout the build, with no tracking visible and no bottom tracking required.

The guide wheel rebated into the top leading door created a smooth gliding Bi Fold door not carrying any weight, or shuddering. The end result is both architecturally and aesthetically pleasing with Bi Fold doors that actually function correctly.


Both 2 & 4 door Bi-Folds can be prehung and delivered on site completely setup for installing

On Site Installation time same as per standard interior door and frame

Comparative costing to sliders and cavity door systems

Highly Cost effective installation, save more than 70% in time management over existing Bi Fold door on site installation and 85% on prehung Bi Fold door installations

Complies with existing industry standard tooling for pre hungers

Matches existing architrave and door profile heights

No adjustments required as there is nothing to adjust

Supplied as complete standard kits or customised to suit different heights and widths Slimline Packaging 2240mm x 70mm x 120mm including component box(s) allows for ease of storage on or off site and freighting

Hang up to 42kg even solid doors

30 year warranty tested with 100,000+ openings and closings

Comparison to existing Bi Fold doors, no top and bottom pivots, adjustments, carriage wheels, floor brackets or tracking, jamb brackets, drilling holes and spanners.